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OilPure natural products can be purchased at wholesale prices. Here are some frequently asked questions about buying our products for your business:

Where can we sell OilPure products?
Our products can be sold in shops, craft fairs, market stalls, product theme nights and as an extra item after having therapy treatments (such as massage, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and holistic therapy).

How do I order?
this Wholesale Page to order.
You must be a shop, therapist, salon or any business person with your own liability insurance to operate as a business in your own country.
Individuals should not order through this page. Please find a local supplier or search for an online supplier to order the product.

What is your minimum order quantity?
10 Bottles

What should I charge and what markup can I add?
RRP is between £6.95 to £7.95. Our wholesale prices allow for a reasonable markup (around 100 to 150%), it really depends on what your salon or shop can cater for.

Are the products insured?
OilPure products are insured for product liability. You must include the packaging as part of the sale. You must not knowingly sell the product to children under 16 or those customers that specify that they are on medication.

Do you provide a display stand and testers?
We will provide a stand and a free tester for your first order. Please email us or add this to your order message.

Can I sell online?
Yes, you can and will find an increase in sales by selling the oils on your website. The products are all designed to be posted in Large Letter size envelopes which provides a significant cost saving compared to larger boxed products.

Do you offer international wholesale delivery?
Yes, please add £9 to your wholesale order (of any size) and you item will be sent tracked or signed to your country.

I have more questions...
Then please call us on 0113 8151518 and we will happily discuss things further.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.